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Bringing it all Together about Geospatial Technologies and why it matters in our Daily Lives


Why does Geospatial Engineering and space technology matter to you? Lets make it all personal and narrow it down to our every day life.

We always want to be pedantic in one way or the other. we want to be at a particular place at a given time and so we turn to our very own Google Maps/ Apple Maps  or the waze application that utilizes their own maps created from scratch.

Y’all this is all geospatial technology. In fact, the internet is created with the backdrop of Geospatial Technologies in mind. Therefore  it is very obvious that we all do use Maps at certain points in our lives or applications that are able to show us the longitude and latitude of a place when we want to zoom to places  to either learn more about  or just spying on someone:D (Hahahaha) (The guilty ones know each themselves).

Source: Google

In addition, using your PC/Tablet or  sometimes your phone, there is always  the option in google maps or any other maps  to have your view set to satellite or just street view. All the underlying technologies based on this is computer science and a huge chunk or Geospatial Engineering and Space Technologies.Without even going really further, one of the  Geospatial Technology Tools that enables you to locate yourself as you travel/move one point to another  is the GPS(Global Positioning System) technology. This GPS which is mostly on your phone communicates with satellites that are in space and mostly 4- 6 satellites that triangulate its location and are able to send accurate location data that enables you to locate the precise location on earth.The signals are obtained by  your devices that act like the GPS receivers,  and in turn your devices then  calculate the exact position, speed and time at the vehicles location.

Source: TRKM

The tagging of location on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and all the other social media platforms are  all dependent on the mercy of Geospatial  Technologies. Yes i meant it when i said mercy!! Because without the Geospatial and Space Technologies, that aspect wouldn’t be possible.

Without Geospatial  technologies , you would not  be getting such information as when it  is going to rain around your area or what the  temperatures would be like; what kind of crops to grow where and several other examples that are  underpinned by the mere fact that these technologies exist. In addition it is the  collection of  several types of Geospatial Technologies that facilitates the weather forecasting process and hence the delivery as expected or not sometimes.

We clearly all need some geospatial Knowledge in one way or the other. Or more simply stated, think of it as a process  that involves programming and acquisition of satellite data from space and the deployment of the data sets to the industry that require it.

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Author: Makario Sylvia  B. a.k.a Boss

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