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Geospatial Technologies For Disaster Response


By : Sylvia Makario

Every day, we are faced with a deluge of disasters running the gamut from ;hurricanes, earthquakes, floods,  forest fires, Landslides, etc. These disasters affect  not only the livelihoods of the people but also strips them off their  dignity . Their life is disrupted   from normal to deplorable.

Much has been said on disaster coordination. The major organizations focused on offering disaster and relief are the UNISDR and the Red cross and several other organizations. But the most  common question  we tend to ask when disasters happen is the who, where and how?

We obviously need response to be faster than the rate at which the disaster itself is happening.Human brain power cannot process information let alone collecting data at the expected rate. However we have the Geo-spatial Technologies to thank for. With remote sensing( acquiring information  using sensors like satellite technology), information can be rapidly acquired and transmitted to the relevant individuals  to help with the disaster response.

Disaster response is mostly a major issue in most African States given that Geo-spatial and or space technologies haven’t been highly adopted as it should. In most cases, it is seen a s a far fetched idea or kind of technologies to be adopted and be ubiquitous for the benefit of society. However, the several  efforts made towards achieving those steps is making a difference albeit at a minimal scale.

Disaster response requires real time monitoring of the affected areas.The need to rapidly acquire  information to make decision such as ; offering relief to the affected individuals, any measure needed to put in place to avoid any further damages, and even making decisions on the aftermath of the disaster.

It is therefore imperative that the policy makers and the teams tasked with the science and technology docket reconsider and enact the importance of Geo-spatial and space technologies in every agenda as it not only helps  in disasters response but also communication, agriculture, Navigation, etc.

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    Definitely africa should adopt these technologies and make policies for the use of the same

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