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#GeospatialTuesday Are you a young and ambitious Geospatial Engineer in Africa? Here is how you can change Africa by assisting in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


No poverty, Climate Action, Quality Education, Clean water and Sanitation etc. I am sure by now you know at least five goals if not all, of the seventeen sustainable development Goals. But they seem to be a lot of Goals to accomplish in terms of making an impact as an individual. These sustainable goals require cooperation among governments, International Organizations and world leaders.

But what about an average person, can one make contribute to the realization of these sustainable goals? Yes, you can. The change starts with you. In this context I will be talking to all the people in Geospatial engineering and space technology field in Africa on how you can contribute to the SDGs.

First of all Geospatial engineering as a discipline cuts across most sectors. Therefore in these context how can anyone in these field make a change? “Easy”, (As I would answer this question). Let everyone pick one Goal and adopt it as his/her baby from now henceforth. E.g. Climate Change, life under the Sea. Think of innovate ways of using Geospatial Engineering (i.e. using GIS, remote Sensing, etc.) as a means to achieving these goals . Make this goal your everyday thought and share these ideas with the world.

Africa is behind in terms of realization of the SDGs. It’s upon us to come up with innovative ways to guide our governments, International organizations and World Leaders in Africa on how to achieve this.

Research has shown that Lazy people are good in coming up with easier ways of doing things. This is innovation. . Click on the link below http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/takeaction/

N/B We will call for a coffee session/ Webinar to discuss on how we can use Geospatial technology to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs in Africa.