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By Kory Korir,

I once joked around in a long forgotten post in my Facebook page about Uber being an offspring of a merger between Geospatial technology and the advent of Technological development. Whether i considered it a joke or not, the aforementioned statement remains true.

We have traversed through eras where location awareness was limited to the existing analog technology at that moment to an era where a myriad of mushrooming location based technologies are invented each day. One might wonder of the importance of location but here is a simple analogy. Take for instance, your friend offers to buy coffee. Whatever rings in your mind is the place, and that is the next thing you will ask them. The “where” aspect.

“Hey John, i wanna put up a hotel in town”

“Where do you want to put it?”

Those are some of the conversations that dominate the talk-space and many people are oblivious of the importance of the spatial information. Whenever one wants to do anything, location intelligence is a prerequisite as it is a recipe for informed decision making. From Real Estate, agriculture, Health Sector, Security name them, Location Intelligence or Geo spatial Intelligence is a necessary requirement.

Decisions based on spatial information are derived through integration of related parameters that would bear rich visualizations. These parameters are in turn gotten through employment of different Geo spatial Technologies like Global Positioning System(GPS), Remote Sensing(RS), Geographic Information System(GIS) and many others.