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Transforming Africa’s Infrastructure Using Geospatial Technologies


Infrastructure  refers to  the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g., buildings, roads, and power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise. Society here could mean a country , area or region.

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For the longest time ever, most African countries have been faced with inadequate and vast infrastructure due to many reasons ranging from poverty,poor leadership and several other factors that are due to the already existing factors.

However all these challenges can be overcome through using the geospatial Technologies to make smarter decisions.The underlying challenge will be to build a theme of Africa’s geospatial capacity and infrastructure, the challenges faced and advances made thus far. Geospatial Technologies majorly depend on available  data; Both static and real time. With availability of  quality data, more smarter decisions can be achieved everyday. Through fostering and developing the geospatial industry, there is a guarantee  in shaping the future of Africa’s development by enabling industry and government to make such smarter decisions and overcome challenges that come with making decisions with scantily available data.

However like any other kind of infrastructural development, this will be a continuous process that builds upon  initial efforts  as a foundation. Embodying the process as a people of every African nation and keeping our governments on their toes will not only bring sustainability on infrastructure  to the current generation but also  the generation that comes after us.

We hope to endeavor working tirelessly for those that come after us.